NetAssist Received Best It & Data Governance Award in Managed Security Service Provider Category


Jakarta, Komite.ID – NetAssist was incorporated since 2002 and has since expanded into a regional cyber security company servicing Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Laos, and Cambodia. During DataGovAI 2019 Summit & Awards, NetAssist proudly receives a recognition from one of Indonesia’s prominent association ABDI (Asosiasi Big Data & AI. To meet the rapid increase needs of our clients for cyber threats protections, NetAssist has intensify and will continue to invest more resources to assist our clients in better protect their various business assets from cyber threats.

NetAssist is proud to be the first truly Hybrid Cyber Security specialists in the region that innovate their offerings to help their clients to protect their information assets in the most practical way. They focus on the provisioning of holistic Cyber Security Solutions and Consultancy Services including Talent Development & Resources Services (TDRS), Professional Security & Consulting Services (PSCS), Cyber Monitoring Services (CMS), Cyber Security Technology Services (CSTS) and Managed Cyber Security Services (MCSS).

In the year 2019 alone, NetAssist has been awarded several prestigious recognitions such as:

  • The 2019 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for Managed Security Services Provider.
  • Asia Pacific 10 Most Prominent Cyber Security Services Provider.

To deliver a comprehensive Managed Cyber Security Services, NetAssist operate a 24x7x365 Hybrid Security Operation Center (HSOC) that follows international best practices (ISO 27002). With years of hands-on experience in the industry, NetAssist understand well the unique capabilities and strengths of both Network Operation Center (NOC) and Security Operation Center (SOC). NetAssist integrate both SOC and NOC functions into a hybrid SOC. By collecting more data from various angles, both in SOC and NOC, NetAssist can detect more accurately the symptoms, behaviours, threats, and root causes of various Cyber Activities.

NetAssist Hybrid SOC opetates with various advance components and features such as Threats Hunting System, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Workflow Automations, and Network Behaviour Analysis.

As the fastest growing Cyber Security Specialists that focuses on delivering real value to organizations at the most cost effective way, NetAssist will become anyone’s most trusted Cyber Security Partner. NetAssist understand client’s needs in the holistic manner, and we assemble our different components of deliveries carefuly to make sure our clients security risk and challenges can be handled professionally. (*)

Network Operation Center (NOC) and Security Operation Center (SOC) NetAssist Office

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